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Solid dreams The recent conceptual works show the welding between the tension of textile Weft and the growing of plastic structures, to move to games of consolidated Canvas, structures, taut buy furrows, fold, crossing, flowing from the canvas Of the painting through curtains curtains and slits. The space scanning of the forces, net have been replace by the musically of the Light-dark rhythms, a music wich is “real” and evolving towards after-Fontana Issues and reaching the visionary-tactile-onerirc of perturbing plastic apparences , glowing of, essential frottages, with daring background painting of red, yellow, Blue, at times with almost ENGL/ BIOGRAPY /ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES Milva Pienotti,born in Tuscany at Ceserano (Fivizzano-MS), where she is Living and working. From an early age and for over thirly years she as been painting and experimenting with different techniques and materials. She graduated at Carrara Art School and attended the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. She has wide selection of works on different themes and techniques. Painting Tecniques Mixed media, oil, acrilic, vinylic, pigments, pigments, enemals, weavings, recycling materials, hardened canvas, clasters, polyurethane form. Graphic Tecniques Chalk and pastel drawings, inks, toner. Works on Show Art Galeries: Bern, Milan, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Rome, Bergamo, Piacenza, Modena, Viareggio. Works in Museums Museo Forum Artis – Montese – Modena Internet Art Museum – London: Publications Newspapers Magazine and Annuals La Nazione – Annuario d’Arte Moderna Il Corriere della Sera – Arte Il Resto del Carlino – Praxis Il Secolo XIX Forum Artis Critic essais and assessments Luciano Caprile,Vittorio Sgarbi, Lino Cavalieri, Ferruccio Bettolini, Franco Basile, Aurelio Carbone, Fabio tedeschi monochromatic bronzes, auroral greys, antique gold, northern whites. My WebPage

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solid dream "solid dream" (Painting / Drawing)
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