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Ot Design
member since April 2, 2008

 Ot DesignOreste Tropea grafica,illustrazione,fumetto,pittura,aerografia.

since April 2, 2008:
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kustom Moto "kustom Moto" (Kustom Painting)
with 20 works
Helmets "Helmets" (Kustom Painting)
with 18 works
Tuning Auto "Tuning Auto" (Kustom Painting)
with 20 works
fine art "fine art" (Painting / Drawing)
with 10 works
Special car 2009 -tigra- "Special car 2009 -tigra-" (Kustom Painting)
with 20 works
Murales "Murales" (Painting / Drawing)
with 8 works