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Mark Welton
member since August 7, 2007
United KingdomSleaford

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favourite artists:
Roger Dean, Markus Mayer, Dali
Royo, Boris valejo, Giorgio Uccellini, JW & Sandi Baker, Pip McGarry,
favourite books:
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Lord of the Rings, Stephen King
James Herbert
favourite movies:
Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Independance Day,
favourite comics:
favourite music:
Rock, Blues ,Classical,Opera, Folk,
Painting, Drawing, Reading,My Dogs,
favourite dishes:
Seafood, Mexican, Indian

since August 7, 2007:
18,884 visits (36 per week)
394 downloads, June 2017
22 works added 86 times to other artists' favourites
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Canvas "Canvas" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 15 works
Canvas2 "Canvas2" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
Panels "Panels" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 6 works
Canvas 3 "Canvas 3" (Painting / Drawing)
with 1 works


My pics:

My Pics
My Pics
My Pics
My Pics
My exhibition at the Edge Gallery in Spalding uk
My Pics
Another gallery view
My Pics
My wife Margaret and me at the preview night.
My Pics
My Pics
My Pics.
My Pics
Giorgio and Margaret, preview night
My Pics
Me and Giorgio
My Pics.
Me and Phil, the Gallery owner
My Pics
My Pics
Another gallery view


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