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United KingdomLondon

favourite artists:
Lorena Straffi, Alberto Ponno and Dru Blair
favourite books:
Vampire chronicles by Anne Rice
favourite movies:
Shawshank Redemption, Once were warriors, The outlaw Josey Wales, The Matrix, American History X.
favourite comics:
Most Marvel comics
favourite music:
Motown, RnB, Rock, Reggae, Ska, atmospheric trance, almost all kindsa of music
MotorBikes and Airbrushing
favourite dishes:
Indian, Tai and Chines Food

since July 13, 2007:
6,220 visits (11 per week)
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Airbrush Art from England "Airbrush Art from England" (Kustom Painting)
with 10 works
Airbrush from England "Airbrush from England" (Painting / Drawing)
with 6 works