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Chic Innes
member since February 16, 2007
United KingdomNorwich

Chic InnesI am an amateur airbrush and brush artist, I work mostly in Auto Air - Gryffin Alkyd oils - Acrylics.

favourite artists:
Giorgio Uccellini
Vince Goodeve
Lois Royo
favourite music:
Rock n Roll
Motor Cycles/rallies/shows
favourite dishes:

since February 16, 2007:
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Lair "Lair" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 9 works
Helmets "Helmets" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 11 works
Artwork + Airbrush "Artwork + Airbrush" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
Imagine "Imagine" (Painting / Drawing)
with 15 works
Leather & Bikes "Leather & Bikes" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 7 works


My pics:

Me with Alan's 1600 Wildstar
Me with Alan's 1600 Wildstar
Me with Alan's 1600 Wildstar
Me with Alan's 1600 Wildstar


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