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 Garage31My name is Jason Prouty and I run an airbrush studio called garage31. I have been creating art for the majority of my life. I am driven by exceeding the expectations of my clients, and making their dreams a reality. My WebPage

favourite artists:
Josh Agle (SHAG)
Naoto Hattori
Keith Weesner
Tom Nguyen
favourite books:
ones with big photos
favourite movies:
Lock Stock and two smoking barrels
favourite comics:
favourite music:
The Reverend Horton Heat
enjoy Old-School Rat rods, non-shiny choppers, old Cadillacs, and Jameson Whiskey
favourite dishes:
Corned Beef

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clown bike & skullmess bike "clown bike & skullmess bike" (Kustom Painting)
with 19 works
Fink bike & pirate bagger "Fink bike & pirate bagger" (Kustom Painting)
with 14 works
tiki surfboard & misc. "tiki surfboard & misc." (Kustom Painting)
with 15 works
Fight Bike and stuff "Fight Bike and stuff" (Kustom Painting)
with 15 works
more misc. stuff "more misc. stuff" (Kustom Painting)
with 20 works
my bike and a quad "my bike and a quad" (Kustom Painting)
with 14 works


My pics:

the studio
the studio
the office
the studio
the studio
the office
my 64 coupedeville
my 64 coupedeville
my 64 coupedeville
my 64 coupedeville