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Bart Hotairbrush
member since September 10, 2006
United StatesLas Vegas

Bart has a 20 year history creating incredibly detailed masterpieces using his own unique media - Liquid Lead. His incredible talent and passion for art allows for up 200 hours of painting and using advanced airbrushing techniques for unsurpassed realism. The Liquid Lead media itself is a combination of pencil, and emulsified graphite and sprayed through and airbrush. The beauty and wonder about this media is the reductive qualities of the pencil and all the control and smooth transitions only an airbrush provides. He has started and 3 operating studios, teaching students of all ages who have the talent and attention to detail required to master this media. Classes are available twice a week in Las Vegas, NV or Orem, UT, Contact Bart or Melody @ 702-953-0491 Check out our websites @ and our Utah studio site

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