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Irocdis Soul Artist
member since June 7, 2006
United StatesJersey

Irocdis Soul ArtistDo not (copy) my art! Keep ture to your own art and your art will keep true to you. ALL ART IS COPYRIGHT (c) 95-2006 All rights reserved.

favourite artists:
The Most HIgh, creator of the universe
favourite books:
super beings
favourite movies:
K-pax, Master Killer, Matrix, ect...
favourite comics:
my own
favourite music:
true underground Hip Hop music. That real shit
favourite dishes:
only what GOD eats

since June 7, 2006:
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My pics:

The bomb
B-boy chilling
Fly girl
The bomb
Airbrushing on black is the hottest.
B-boy chilling
The color of purple is HOT
Fly girl
Something that i enhance, just to add my own flare
TI the rapper
TI the rapper
The so called king of the south in rap music