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That display tries to take to the collective perception a sum of reasonings, it adds that travels the several faces of doing, approach on the senses, forms that interact in the relationships of our affections, in our field perceptive sensorial-motor, conscious and intentional. A perceptive reading, intellectual and practical, sensitive. The practice of the methodology: the use of the instrumental in your field of performance and the approach of the more intelligible, sensitive, topic of that experience, if limiting the space practice firstly where the sensitive perception acts on the forms... The object of performance is metaphysical object for the extension and generality, of the more matter for the most universal. The imaginable is the own and immediate land of that performance. The object of the knowledge is cognizable just as it is in himself and as any other conscious act, the knowledge is intentional being bounded essentially to a relationship with tendency to the own object, open to objectivity of the phenomenon, instead of essentially enrolled the subjectivity of the conscience.

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