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Mike Carter
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United StatesMass

Mike CarterSpringfield, Massachusetts USA. I,ve been creating art all my life! Self taught with the airbrush, only as a second tool to use. I love to try different ideals,and it shows in the many different types of art that i have shown. Many Thanks to JR, here at Michael.Carter.

favourite artists:
Leonardo Divinci, Michael Anglo, and Norman Rockwell .
and a few others.
favourite books:
The Holy Bible , and Airbrush Magazines of course..
favourite movies:
Not many these days!
favourite comics:
I love lucey,and jerry lewis.
favourite music:
Praise, and instrumental music.
Blowing my Trumpet! Real Loud!!
favourite dishes:
Italian spagetti, roast Beef, potatoes, and salads. Carrot
cake,and rice pudding. Yummy yum!

since November 18, 2010:
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280 downloads, September 2017
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Ilustrations "Ilustrations" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
wall murals / paintings "wall murals / paintings" (Painting / Drawing)
with 20 works
Airbrush by Mike "Airbrush by Mike" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
Illustrations II "Illustrations II" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
9/11 Dodge Charger "9/11 Dodge Charger" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
wall murals "wall murals" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 20 works
Angels "Angels" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 9 works
Celebrities "Celebrities" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 6 works



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